A Home Theater system is essentially a group of electronic gadgets or components laid out together to create a viewing experience that is similar to watching movies in a cinema or movie house. This viewing experience, though also done inside a home is technically different with ordinary TV viewing since the components will work together to totally engross you in whatever film you are watching.

Since a home theater system is modeled after the real movie theater, several similarities may be observed when compare with the traditional watching of a movie from a television.

  • In a quality movie house, movie goers are provided with a fantastic sound experience while watching the movie. One can hear not just the words spoken by the actors and actresses but with the sound effects incorporated in the film, music and other effects may be heard. This is so because a standard theater is f95zone equipped with three speakers behind the screen: at the right, left and center. This same effect is achieved in a home theater that makes use of quality sound components and speakers for home use. With this enhanced system for surround sound, viewing becomes more enjoyable and realistic than the meager and normal sounds produced by a regular television.
  • At a cinema, movie goers are amazed by the gigantic screen that takes up almost every viewing area. When the lights are switched off to signal that the film viewing is about to start, your eyes would focus even more on the large and wide screen. In a home theater system that uses really big-sized viewing screens, you become absorbed with a smaller theater system that effectively produces a similar viewing experience. A regular TV may be too small and may not be enough to provide a memorable film viewing.
  • Due to the large viewing screens of real movie theater and home theater systems, you will also enjoy sharper and more detailed images. Although you can see the images from a smaller and normal television set, figures are more vivid with special TV sets of home theater systems. The more detailed the images we see, the more we enjoy the film we are watching.

There are home theater systems that you can readily buy in home improvement stores or electronic and electrical shops. Yet you may also opt to buy separate components and assemble the system utilizing your own design and layout. A home theater system, in order to function which is almost similar to a real movie theater must at least have

  • a television with huge screen to display a clear picture. This TV set must at least measure 27 inches when measured diagonally.
  • no less than four speakers that produce quality sound.
  • sound splitting equipment to divide the sounds signal and send it to various speakers in the system.
  • equipment that can broadcast and play movies and films in quality sounds and clear images.

You may choose to buy a few more components to enhance the home theater system as you desire. All these components must be placed neatly and properly inside a room.