As long standing sash window specialists will tell you, when looking for new windows, there’s no better option than purchasing only the most eco – friendly double glazed sash windows available. With the winter now upon us, and many parts of the country already waking up to fields filled with snow and frost, eco-friendliness is about more than just saving money; it’s about keeping warm too. The Energy Savings Trust (EST) maintains that EST Recommended windows (bearing the logo) can save homes as much as £130 per year on heating bills. In fact, it’s been independently proven that B rated sash windows can save practically all of the heat that would be lost through a traditional single glazed wooden sash.

It’s harder for sash windows to achieve high levels of insulation than regular casements; however some sashes have a B rating as standard. This means that there are real energy saving advantages from which you can benefit this winter. There are also other ways in which homeowners can insulate their property further. To help keep everyone toasty during the coming cold snap, a few of the most effective are listed below.


Preventing heat from escaping into the attic and out through Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent your roof is relatively cheap and cost effective. Fibre glass insulation is available in readymade sheets which fit snugly between the rafters in your attic – this prevents heat loss through ceilings. Remember to take care when using ladders, use a breathing mask and avoid letting fibreglass touch bare skin, as this can cause irritation.


Most modern boilers or water tanks are installed with their own thermal jacket, but if yours hasn’t got one, then you can fit one easily. Flame retardant PVC covers are cheap and widely available; simply fit yours securely and safely.


As aforementioned, some modern windows offer stunning thermal efficiency. However, drawing your curtains at night when the heating is on can help deflect heat back into the room. While this may have only a negligible effect on bills and energy wastage, it will make room inhabitants feel warmer.