There are a ton of hair loss products out there for those who are looking to regrow the hair that they have lost. By now you probably have seen all that the market has to offer. There are pills, solutions, laser therapy and even hair transplants for those who can afford them.

What about the average Joe or Jane who doesn’t have that kind of money to spend? There are things that they can do as well to improve hair growth without going broke. In fact, you can easily make these changes occur all from natural substances and methods.

One of the first things a person must do before they can make their hair grow back is target what the root cause might be. Many will automatically assume that it’s their genetic makeup buy Folexin that’s causing them to lose their hair. In reality hair loss can be stemmed from a number of sources. Both things seen and unseen can affect the way your hair grows.

For example one of the biggest reasons why men get receding hairlines is tied down to two things. A buildup of the hormone DHT in the scalp that often destroys healthy hair follicles. Or they can lose hair because of a lack of proper blood circulation.

Both of these areas call for a change in the way you’re treating your hair and scalp. You just can’t rely on some product to take care of such problems. Scalp massage always works great to stimulate the follicles and send more blood as well as nutrients where they’re needed.

Treating DHT is easier and safer thanks to herbs like saw palmetto, nettle root and even green tea. Every man should make these a part of his diet to overcome the threat of losing hair.

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