Even experienced business owners know that the challenges faced in operating in the hospitality industry are daunting. Despite the fact that customers are returning and the normality is back, there remain many obstacles to overcome.

A study by the Deputy found that the annual turnover of hospitality staff was 30% in 2019. According to a study by the Deputy, the 2019 annual staff turnover in hospitality was 30%.

Hospitality staff are hard workers. Your company’s reputation will be determined by the quality of your service.

Tipping has changed as cash is less common. Tipping has evolved as cash is becoming less common.

EasyTip eliminates the hassles associated with accepting tips via credit card. The platform is also fully compliant with HMRC service charges regulations.

EasyTip provides many benefits for your company.

Tipping made easier, faster and more accessible for everyone

Customers can tip via a QR code at easytip.net. This eliminates the need for customers to download any apps. You can split them depending on how the venue is set up so that they are more transparent and consistent.

Employers can earn up to 20% more per month!

Staff can make a lot of money using our online tipping platform. Staff have more control over their earnings. EasyTip provides a customized contactless tipping service that can solve this problem. It offers staff the chance to increase their take-home income by up to 20% each month. All this is free for businesses!

Employees can see all tips live.

Employees should be aware of how much and when they tip. Our tipping platform sends employees instant notifications to their phones. Restaurant customers will find a QR-code for tips printed on their receipt. This will take them to a page that contains the relevant staff member.

EasyTip offers many additional benefits that can help you succeed. EasyTip is more than a tipping platform or platform that simplifies troncs. EasyTip is more than a tipping service or platform to simplify troncs.

Contactless tips, virtual tip boxes and Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your company.