Car games was come into existence in 1977. Kids and adults alike are fond of these games. It was a straightforward racing game in which two vehicles compete for 25 rounds. There was a different track and difficulty level to pick.

Nowadays, car games are played with PC and consoles like Xbox 360 and play station or on flash games online. They are very well-liked by everyone, and people of all age bracket enjoys it. It’s similar to motocross. speed racers are among the most played games. It is all you need to do is sign up at the portal for games to start. Car video games are extremely fun and are enhanced by the latest multimedia technology. Car-games are very stressful and provides a rush to players by making it more interesting. Video games are really stress busters. People like to play videos in cars, mostly in play stations since it gives the best satisfaction when playing with friends.

Children are extremely enthusiastic with online games because it gives them the possibility to play from your home with an internet connection for enjoyment. Boys love car games because of the exciting nature of the competitive car chase in the online games. These days, kids are fond of desire for speed, Dodge viper, Mazda RX7, Acura NSX and many more.

In the beginning, many car racing games were developed [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] such as night rider in 1982 Grand Prix in the year 1982 for the Atari console and in 1981, donkey was released for IBM PC. As the technology of gaming became advanced , the game’s nature and the graphics have improved dramatically over the course of time. The handful of games developed by Sega to be played using Sega master system. Sega master system include the grand prix-F1racing which comes with a game editor to develop new tracks. In the early 90s many car games came onto the market for the fans of car games, certain of them are active and thriving. Even Konami has joined the game industry of cars through their hyper rally.

In year 1994 Electronic Arts created the need for speed car game. It’s one of the games that is the most enjoyable to play and most liked game up to the present day. It’s still being published and has 14 sequels to their customers. Another game which is known as Gran turismo (GT) is a game that was released in 1997 for Sony playstation by polyphony digital, which is an element of SCEG is available. It was banned in a few countries due to the game there is violence. After some adjustments to the game, it’s still used in some countries like UK however, in this particular game now robots are used instead of players.