As the prices of LCD televisions continues to fall and the reliability of today’s newest models becomes more well known, more and more consumers are seriously considering making the upgrade to a LCD TV. However, the wide array of features and options to consider can make learning about LCD TVs a bit baffling, as does the high quantity of techno babble present in many LCD TV reviews. Thankfully, the differences between the different LCD televisions on the market are pretty easy to understand once you grasp how a LCD television operates.

A LCD TV is a flat panel television that offers a high definition picture through recent advances in liquid crystal display technology. Basically, these televisions are ableTCL Google TV to display color images through refracting white light in highly specific ways as it is filtered by the liquid crystals. The shades of these colors is then determined by the amount of light that is passing through each spot of color, also known as a pixel. In recent years, the annual sales of LCD televisions has finally begun to be greater than that of the hefty cathode ray tube televisions of old.

The features available on a LCD television include a slim, attractive design and an unsurpassed screen resolution, but there are a handful of options to consider when narrowing down which LCD TV is right for you. As crystal clear video is a major selling point for consumers who love to watch sports or special effect laden films from home, one of the most important features to make a decision about is the refresh rate that the LCD television provides.

The picture quality that a solid LCD TV offers is another great reason to consider making the switch to a LCD TV. Although it may be tempting to invest in the highest resolution possible, it is worthwhile to spend some time considering whether you can truly notice a difference between the highest resolutions available and a more typical LCD television. While some viewers can immediately spot the difference, many others find that there is a level at which LCD screen resolutions are so high that it is impossible to tell a major difference between the most expensive models and models of a lower price.