One mistake I see sports bettors making is they get too deep into stats and information. The best way to approach a matchup is to use the method of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Usually when you look at a matchup the answer is pretty obvious, and that obvious answer is usually the right one. There will always be matchups that can go either way like two solid teams playing each other, the best way to get down on these games is to not get down at all.

The problem we usually face is not “who’s going to win?” it’s “who’s going to cover the spread?” I’m talking about basketball and football. When it comes to baseball and hockey the same methods apply without the factor of a point spread unless you like puck lines and run lines.

Some people get so deep into stats that all the information starts to cancel out the two teams. The trick is to narrow your research to the important stats the ones that count. For example, in football, turnovers are a unpredictable part of the game. If I see a team that averages 1.4 fumbles per game againstufabet เว็บหลัก one that averages 2 fumbles per game I am not going to assume that one will fumble more than the other in this game. A good way to identify the key stats to look at is to go through game logs and pick out what the winners did at and what the losers didn’t do. You’ll be surprised on how consistent some of these stats are. Since we’re in the seasons of football, basketball, and hockey I will cover some of the factors here that are important to each game. This will also give you a better understanding of my systems sections and why I choose certain aspects of a game.

If you’ve read my systems page for football you’ll know that I preach the yards per pass stat. Many people have argued this and that’s ok, I made it sound like that was the only factor to consider and I was probably wrong to say that. Do this now, go to and take a look at the boxscores for any week of the NFL and count out how many winners had a better yards per pass number. You’ll notice only a couple teams each week won the game with a smaller YPP. Just by knowing this you have a key stat to look at while you handicap. This is definitely a key stat but unfortunately this is not the golden key to predicting who will win the game or who will cover. If it was we’d all be rich and Vegas would be out of business.

Another factor that will heavily weigh out the winners from the losers is to look at scoring margins. This works for fo